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What happens in a hacker home in Palo Alto, does not stay there……

16. mai 2015

On My 15 we celebrated a batch 8 of TINCers, entrepreneurs of tech startups who graduated from TINC Silicon Valley (our Tech Incubator Program), and we are so excited.

TINC-gjengen (foto: Innovasjon Norge)

TINC celebrating (photo: Innovation Norway)

By Gro E. Dyrnes,  Director, Innovation Norway San Francisco & Silicon Valley

We are excited because they have accelerated their speed to market, their decision making processes, explored and pivoted, had fun, learned about themselves and their businesses, and not to say the least, built on their network.

And it is exactly this network and the serendipity that so often comes from this network, in the world’s tech and innovation center here in Silicon Valley, which will be such an important asset for these entrepreneurs in the future.

In our last batch of TINCers two of the companies (Staaker and Glucoset) stayed in a hacker home for 4 weeks. The mattresses were thin, the noise loud and the roommates smelly, but it was (fairly) cheap and that is rear in Palo Alto.

It made them stay longer in Nordic Innovation House, it made them go to meet ups in the evenings, hook up with co-home hackers – everything to minimize the stay in the bed. It made them leverage the network and the serendipity. And guess what – a couple of months later their fellow home hackers Airpost entered the stage at the New York Stock exchange, as they were bought by Box.

Being bought is not necessarily the “heaven”, and in a situation like this, if the startup was a Nordic company, how would the acquisition affect value creation in the Nordics? In Silicon Valley however, this method for growth and value creation is the name of the game, and also in tech you need to be at the field to win the world championship.

Point is – serendipity counts and you can increase the probability for it by building the right network and by being present, visible and available in the relevant ecosystem. For a tech company that ecosystem is Silicon Valley.

We look forward to see our new TINCers lean in and take advantage of their new Silicon Valley network in order to boost their businesses and value creation in the Nordics. Are you eager to know more about them? These are the companies:

Alertsec, Documaster, Flow Insights, Greater Than, MyDatacards, NorSentio, Nuiteq, Roombler, SunSense, TIND and Widescribe. More info here.

Congrats to all of you!

Do you want to have your journey accelerated, why not apply for our next batch of the award winning TINC program coming up this fall? More info here.

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